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    Meetings are  held on the first Wednesday of the month (except August)  at 7.30 pm unless otherwise stated,  at Friends’ Meeting House, Lechlade Road, Faringdon.

    Our meetings are usually open to the public. For  more details, please ring 01367  710308 or 241707 or 240808

    Diary dates for Regional and National Events - Click here to print out

Diary dates for events involving FPG:

Monthly Meetings are held on every  first Wednesday  (except August)  at 7.30pm   unless otherwise stated,  at Friends’ Meeting House, (F.M.H.) Lechlade Road, Faringdon.  SN7  8AQ    Our meetings are almost always open to the public. More details, please ring     01367   710308  (Jennie)     or    01367   241707 (Karen)   or     ( Dave)     01367  240808



 Fri 15 June Fete Organising Meeting (3rd) at  CLOCK HOUSE, Coleshill. Thanks Denny.  7.0pm.      Please try and come. (Revised date)

  • Fri 22 -Sun 24Jun Global Network against Nuclear Weapons in Space  conference, Oxford. Speeches on the weaponization of space from Paul Mobbs (Britain) and Bruce Gagnon (U.S.A.) et al.  Reports from around the world.    At Oxford Friends’ Mtg House. Sponsored by Faringdon PG, Abingdon PG, Oxford CND, and personal donations. Tickets available from Eventbrite , sliding scale according to means £20-£70 for the whole weekend. Otherwise you are welcome to turn up, no charge, for the keynote speeches on Saturday evening from 7.0pm.at FMH.  Fabian Hamilton MP,  Shadow Peace and Disarmament,  is booked to  attend.
  • Wed 4 Jul Monthly Meeting.  Ian Sinclair, author of ‘The March that Shook Blair’ and many articles in Peace News and the Morning Star’,  will talk on ‘The coming battle: UK Foreign Policy and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn’.



  • Sat 7 Jul 37th  Grand Peace Fete. 2.0pm – 5.0pm at Clock House, Coleshill. Honoured Guests: Bruce and Valerie Kent.
  • Tues 10 Jul Post Fete Feedback Party . 7.0pm at Clock House. Please bring food and drink to share. All Welcome.
  • What went well?  What could be improved??


Reasons to be Cheerful.

    On 27th October 2016 ,the General Assembly of the United Nations voted overwhelmingly to begin negotiations in 2017  to ban nuclear  weapons.

    This historic decision signals an end to two  decades of paralysis in multi -lateral nuclear disarmament efforts. 123 nations voted in favour, 38 against, 15 abstentions. The UK., Israel and US voted against !

    More info. ICAN-  International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons. www.icanw.org

    We may not win by protesting. But if we don’t protest we will lose. If we stand up to them there’s always a chance that we will win’. Hetty Bower. Hetty died recently at the age of  108  after a lifetime of protest. We met her last  year at the ‘April Fool’s Day’  protest at Aldermaston.

Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are going’. Chinese proverb

    Ed Vaizey MP can be contacted at vaizeye@parliament.uk   or  0207  219  6350

     Support Palestinians. Boycott Israeli goods. Avoid ‘Agrexco’ and ‘Carmel Agrexco’ labels. Buy ‘Zaytoun’ olive oil from ‘Mustard Seed’  in Faringdon.

     Morocco invaded Western Sahara in 1975, and is still in occupation, oppressing the Saharawi. Morocco has divided the country with a 1.500 km wall, protected by minefields and 120,000 soldiers. More info: www.wsahara.org.u

    In 1975 Morocco invaded Western Sahara, and is still in occupation, oppressing the Saharawi. The length of the wall that splits Western Sahara into two is 2500km . This wall is also the longest and most dangerous wall all over the world, dividing Saharaui families, it has more than 9 000 000 antipersonal mines spread all over it (300 meters both sides) -  according to the Pentagon. 120 000 thousand soldiers are vigilating it with tanks, heavy artillery, and the worst of all is that the world never hears about this anachronism. There is another wall of silence we absolutely need to break. More info: www.wsahara.org.uk

    Support Palestinians. Boycott Israeli goods. Avoid ‘Agrexco’ and ‘Carmel Agrexco’ labels. Buy ‘Zaytoun’ olive oil from ‘Mustard Seed’  in Faringdon.

    All meetings are at 7.30pm Friends Meeting House, Lechlade Rd. (opposite former Duke of Wellington) unless stated otherwise. Further details, help with wheelchairs etc. phone 241707 or 710308

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